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13 Things

There's a list of 13 things going around called 12 habits of people who always stay fit. From a fitness pro, I always read these things. This one makes me cringe. Rather than repeating it, you can search for it. Here is my take on the 13.
1. Schedule your workout into your day like a business meeting. Or, a meal. When was the last time you skipped one of those? This goes for at home parents too. I am one so, please, tell me why it won't work for you.
2. I own many training monitors. I wear them at the gym. It's nice that your Fitbit told you that you made the minimum fitness to eat for the day. Get a heart rate monitor for workouts. Find a trainer who writes your plans using it or learn to yourself. Go enjoy the rest of your day unconnected.
3. Mixing up your workout sounds like the "Everything is Awesome" Lego Movie song. This really depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you are changing the why thing, by all means swap the what. Otherwise, the how swaps. If you don't understand that, hire a trainer.
4. See #l. Also, one simple rule. Dress and drive to the gym. If you still don't want to be there, leave. Sometimes your body knows best.
5. Goals are good. Sometimes they are the push you need. Easy rule of thumb: 90 days= 20# loss average to max. (Hint: Why do you think most plans guarantee 90 day results?) For the uninitiated: Goals must be quantifiable within a given time.
6. Pet peeve. NEVER diet. Always watch your diet. If confused, see my post on the subject.
7. Unless you are a pro or an alcoholic, drinking a glass of wine with dinner is not going to undo your workout. Enjoy. Even a pro in most cases is Ok.
8. If you PLAN and SCHEDULE your workouts, you don't need to buy DVD'S. Unless you are like some clients who prefer them. But then you aren't headed to the gym anyway. Just don't give yourself an excuse.
9. I HATE when anyone gives a blank slate to work out sore. Cardio is most definitely out of the question in a large number of instances. The best thing is to get a recommendation from a pro. Some soreness is fine, other types are serious.
10. How you feel versus how you look. This depends on your goals. Never let anyone tell you that you are content with one over the other. Just remember, realistic goals to get there.
ll. Plan versus execution. "Just working out" should rarely be the goal. If you run short on time, energy, etc. , modify the goal beforehand. Don't just let yourself get away with "whatever."
12. There's such a thing as too much sleep. research the right range for your age. More is NOT always better. It can be a serious symptom of anything from a vitamin deficiency to depression. If outside the normal range for your age, consult your physician. Blood panels can tell you if you are missing key nutrients.
13. Really? Celebrate making your goals. If you don't make them, verify that they area realistic. If they are, review what you need to get there. Just celebrating won't change you.
Happy Monday!

ps. Any trademarks are used without malice to make a point. I am not recommending the products, nor authorized by the companies who hold them.



Scales will never reveal how you look.

While scales are a useful tool, use the mirror to determine your true progress toward your goal. That mental image of what you want to look like,  compared to your current physique, will let you know what is bothering you and allow your trainer to assist you properly more than any number ever will. While some trainers will ask you for a goal weight, we are going to start your caloric change at the same amount whether you want to be 10 pounds lighter or shed 100 pounds.

Take a picture BEFORE your first workout, then every 30 days. Sick the picture to your mirror to compare in between photos workout taking more. Use the same clothes. In between pictures, pay attention to how your clothes fit better or become looser. Remember if you take pictures to often it can be hard to see small changes. Over time though, those small differences add up to big results.

Learn how to get started now, email for a brochure.


Nothing to Report

Kids + Web Design work = no progress on the annual plan. We are all affected by life. But, I am going to get the spreasheet done and will post some more info tonight! :) Deviate from your plan, don't just toss it in the trash can.

Oh, and I just realized as well...I tend post the next day. So while this post is about day -4, I am sitting in day -3.


Planning Begins

Day -5
The first thing I do is head to the websites and download the races schedules for the series I plan on doing. I have uploaded my word doc so that you can see how much of a rough draft this is. Right now the MCCS series is being posted, so I will have to add that later. I will grab last year's dates as a place holder. And, I still need to print the INBA Natural Bodybuilding schedule. While dates may change throughout the year, at least you will have a point to deviate from. I will update the upload at the same location as it progresses (just in case you plan on racing in Hawaii, San Diego and on the East Coast). ;)

Now what do I do with these? Well, that will happen tonight and I will post then. :) baby steps...


Days -7 and -6

Yes, you read that right. The plus a week is coming at the beginning. Why? Glad you asked! I am doing what I normally do at the start of the year: a cleanse. That will be finished Monday, my rest day. Don't worry, there will be more this week. Since I don't workout this week, I do all (or most) of my annual planning. Oh yeah. And, I will post it here as I go starting tomorrow with day -5 ;) I wouldn't get you all wound up then leave you waiting a week for anything to happen.

28 Days (plus a week) Begins!

Technically, this began yesterday, 1 January. But, I got behind so you get it today. :) Four weeks of my workouts. Yep, exactly what I do each day. Just remember, this is only for informational purposes; not a recommendation for you. Oh, and the plus a week will be obvious in the first post coming as soon as I send this. ;) I am going to be testing some items I have sitting around as well...you'll have to watch to find out.

Also, follow how I use THRIVE each day for the first 28 days on my Shelf Reliance Independent Consultant blog. And, if that is not enough to keep me busy, follow our preps to sail across the pacific in June on my personal blog Raising Poseidon. Alright. So, off to write the first two days of posts! Cheers!


Mission to Mars

Since I am part of the Mars food study, today's nutrition fact is being replaced by a way to stock up for emergencies and cook daily with THRIVE foods from JustAddWater.me:

"The THRIVE food line consists of the same foods you would purchase at the market—fruits, veggies, meats, beans, grains, dairy, and the basics—only with THRIVE you don’t have to dash to the store every time you run out of essential ingredients such as eggs or milk." Read More...

I believe in these foods as they are as close to fresh as you can get if there is no fresh available. They are also a great, cost-saving way to help cook in your daily life. See how I use them here.

See you Thursday with a quick refresher on how your lower extremities work together, thanks to the ACSM Journal! :)